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Glen Bradley

"The best pet store uae" My friend refer me to pet Pet Mania when i was looking for a Pug as a gift for my wife. It was a very smooth transaction. The attendants were very accommodating and seems to know everything I asked. I finally found the perfect gift that made my wife very happy.  I would recommend Pet Mania to all my friends any day.

Megan Deangelis

My friend asked me to try out pet mania and i did as she asked me to .i got a Yorkshire terrier.the attendants were kind and patient .i get him cleaned every month at pet mania and i also get his toys,food, and collars from there.i would recommend pet mania to all my friends!!! :) :)

Jeremy Houston

Testimony When I first came to Dubai from Miami,I bought my golden retriever with me.we wanted to clip his nails,but I did not know about any petstore near me.that's when I ringed my friend and he recommended pet mania.as soon as I entered all the attendents were helpful and kind.my dog got his nails trimmed in no time.I recommend pet mania to all my family members and friends.